Molly at the Market



For the past ten years, I have been a gypsy farmer, managing farms and growing food throughout the Hudson Valley and Berkshire regions. There have been many beautiful places provided by caring, generous folks that Colfax Farm has called home.  I use organic growing practices with a focus on creating community and connection for my CSA members and customers. As a farmer, I strive to foster an environment where people can know and connect with their farmer, their food, the land and each other.

As I head into the 2019 season, Colfax Farm has moved once again to a beautiful location which I hope to call home for many years to come. Through the generous offer of Ray Wilcox of Twin Oaks Farm in Alford MA, I will be farming on land that has been in his family for three generations. As Colfax Farm is a name taken from my own heritage, I am thrilled to be able to use land that has been so well cared for by another family’s dedication. My agreement with my new landlord has allowed me to build infrastructure and put down the roots my farm needs to succeed in its own growth.  I look forward to Colfax Farm becoming an integral part of my community, creating a place where people can develop a real relationship with their neighbors, their food, the land it is grown on, and the farmers who work to feed them.

The produce grown at Colfax Farm can be found by joining my CSA program, at the farm, at the West Stockbridge Farmers Market, and on the tables of our local restaurants.

All produce raised on my farm is grown organically, without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides.